Modkid Modified: Cassidy with a Gathered Skirt

Thursday, August 25, 2016

We have already brought you one modification for the Cassidy pattern, and now we are back with more. Nothing says fall like a little denim and flannel!!

I made this variation on the Cassidy dress using Patty Young's Acorn Valley flannels, and I'm going to show you how easy it is!

First, I wanted the bodice to extend a little lower for the gathers. When cutting the front and back bodice, simply add 1" at the bottom using a clear ruler. Complete the bodice as instructed in the pattern.

The other change when cutting, is to lay the skirt pattern piece on the fold of the fabric. Then, cut the fabric the same height of the skirt pattern, but use the full wide of the fabric. Do not cut along the side seam line. You should now have a long rectangular skirt piece. You will need to cut the same piece for the back skirt.

You may notice with the bodice extension that this will result in your dress being 1" longer than the original pattern. I found this length perfect with the gathered skirt. The length is also fully adjustable with the dress straps.

Now, create a tube with the skirt pieces. Sew the short sides right sides together with a 1/2" seam allowance and finish the seams. Hem the skirt at this point by folding the bottom edge to the wrong side 1/4". Then fold again 3/4". Stitch along the inner fold.

Next comes gathering. We have a full gathering tutorial here.

Turn the skirt wrong side out and insert the bodice inside aligning the raw edges. Attach the gathered skirt to the completed bodice right sides together aligning the side seams with the middle of the button placket. Stitch with 1/2" seam allowance and finish the seam. Press the seam allowance toward the bodice and topstitch in place.

Now you have a twirly Cassidy!

This dress is featured today on Sweeter Than Cupcakes along with the Modkid Sydney pattern for the Back to School blog tour. Come check it out and grab the coupon code!

Introducing Modkid Aubrey

Monday, August 22, 2016

We are excited to announce the release of the Modkid Aubrey pattern! The Aubrey is a simple knit dress with special details including the curved seams and a hidden kangaroo pocket. With 3 sleeve options, this dress will take you through all seasons! The Aubrey pattern comes in sizes 2T to 12 and is best sewn in medium weight knit fabrics. Patty provides detailed lengthen and shorten lines with instructions to get just the right fit too.

Since a lot of kids across the nation are starting school today, we decided that instead of listing this pattern at an introductory price, like we usually do, we will just offer an amazing back-to-school coupon code. You can get this an any other pattern your heart desires for an amazing price! Coupon code AUBREY2016 gets you 40% off your entire order on our Etsy store.... this makes this and any other full-price pattern only $5.99!!! But, hurry, the coupon code expires exactly 24 hrs from now. Go ahead and stock up for the Fall!

We hope you enjoy this inspiration from our testers!

Cassandra Gobin

Courtney Davis

Jamie Wertz

Jamie Wertz

Jamie Wertz

Jody Kappas

Axa Francis

Joy Boath

 Julie Wilkinson

Kate Williams

Kyla Sorenson

Kyla Sorenson

Lara DeFrisco

Maria Luisa Santos

Mariana Cruz

Marnie Durbidge

Nicole Cantwell

Nicole Cantwell

Rachel Fish

Teresa Martin

Wendy Whiteford

#quiltsforpulse Kid Style

Monday, August 15, 2016

A couple of months ago we told you a little bit about the #quiltsforpulse project that the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild masterminded to help bring some much needed love, support and comfort to all those affected by the June 12th Orlando Pulse massacre. My 11-year-old daughter, Sydney, took the challenge seriously and went from creating a couple of blocks to wanting to sew an entire quilt top. I supported her fully, not knowing if she would give up halfway through and I'd have to jump in and finish it for her.

Well, lo and behold, she surprised us all and actually completed a 20-block quilt top with borders and all! She even filmed a YouTube video documenting her process and trying to encourage other kids to do the same.

After the top was finished, we put out a call for help on Facebook and Instagram. We asked the community if anyone out there would be willing to quilt & bind this for us if we provided all the materials necessary and covered shipping both ways (provided the quilter was out of town). Because the sewing/quilting community is AMAZING, we had several offers, but the first offer that came through was from the awesome Melissa Kirk of @tensionissues. Within a couple of days I had cut the binding strips and Syd and I had packaged the whole kit and shipped it off to her in Sterling, IL. Melissa quilt and bound it in record time and shipped it back to us for final photography before it went down to Orlando.

In the meantime, while the quilt was en route back to us, we got contacted by our local newspaper, The Pantagraph. They wanted to do a story on Sydney and the quilt and they said it would appear in the front page of Friday's paper. The email came on Wednesday, and the quilt was not due back until Thursday (the day after). The reporter agreed to come by and interview Sydney sans quilt, while the photographer would come on Thursday afternoon and photograph the quilt after it arrived.

The interview went off without a hitch and the reporter left to write up her story, not before leaving me the photographer's cell number with explicit instructions to call her as soon as the quilt arrived. I went back to my computer and refreshed the tracking screen about a hundred times. Each time, it said it had arrived at our sorting facility and would be delivered that day (Thursday, August 11). Except for the one time I refreshed and all of a sudden it said it would be delivered on Friday, August 12. I literally screamed! I called the Post Office 5 times with no answer... not even a way to leave a message. I printed the tracking screen, grabbed Sydney and drove as fast as I legally could to the Post Office. The first time I showed the lady at the Claims & Inquiries office my paper, she said there was nothing she could do because the package wasn't physically there... it was at a sorting facility elsewhere that is not open to the public. Tears welled up in both mine and Syd's eyes and I tried to explain to her as calmly as I possibly could why it was so important that we got the package TODAY and not TOMORROW.

She somehow took pity on us and called the sorting facility. The woman who answered the phone didn't even ask for the tracking number, which worried me greatly. She just asked for my zip code and told me my package was on the truck and would be delivered TODAY. I went home reluctantly, and Syd and I proceeded to wait for hours for the truck to show up. Outside... in the heat... because we didn't wait to chance missing it! It was the longest and most excruciating 3.5 hours of our lives!

I called everyone I knew for comfort and just as I was getting ready to hop back in the car and go beg at the P.O. again, the truck showed up with our quilt. I almost fainted in my own driveway. I gathered myself enough to call the photographer, who said she'd be there in 20 minutes. She must've had all her gear packed in her car already with one foot out the door, because she did show up in 20 minutes and did the shoot in record time.

The story came out the next day and it was as fantastic as I could've ever wished. My little girl grazed the front page of The Pantagraph and we are all so proud of her!! Here is the story, if you'd like to read about it.

I did manage to take a few photos of my own before sending the quilt off to Orlando...

We both hope this quilt brings joy to someone who needs it. That whoever gets it knows that it was made by a child who barely understands why anyone could do something so hateful and desperately wanted to do something wonderful to counteract the horror of the situation.

#lovewins #loveislove #weloveorlando

Modkid Modified: Dakota Flounce Sleeve

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Today's tutorial illustrates how to use the slash and spread method to change the straight sleeve style of the Dakota top to a flounce sleeve. 

After printing the sleeve pattern piece, draw lines at a 1" spacing starting from the overlap side of the sleeve.

Cut the markings up to the top of the sleeve, but not all the way through. You want to create a "hinge" point. The goal is to maintain the top length of the sleeve piece and widen the bottom.

Overlap the two sleeve sections at the top and tape them to a piece of freezer paper or tracing paper. Open and spread the bottom sections 1" along the bottom. Tape in place and trace out the new pattern piece. 

Once cut, your piece should look like the one above. Clip your notches as you normally would.

Sew the pattern per the pattern instructions. The only difference I suggest is a narrow hem on the sleeve since it is now such a curved piece. I used a narrow rolled hem foot on my sewing machine, but a 1/4" hem would work as well. 

Be sure to let us know if you give this technique a try!!

Acorn Valley Blog Tour Wrap Up

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We are sad to see the Acorn Valley Blog Tour draw to a close, but we are amazed by the talented bloggers who shared their inspiration with us. Be sure to check back on any posts you may have missed!!

Monday 7/11: Riley Blake & Modkid
Wednesday 7/13: Beri Bee Design & Falafel and the Bee
Friday 7/15: Coral & Co. & Pear Berry Lane
Monday 7/18: Sweet KM & 2 Little Hooligans
Thursday 7/21: Flamingo Toes & Quilting Gallery

Also, congratulations to Jessica Shea who won the 1 yard set of flannel Acorn Valley prints!

Acorn Valley Blog Tour // Day 10

Friday, July 22, 2016

The final day of the Acorn Valley Blog Tour has arrived! I for one am sad to see it end. We've seen so many creative makes!!

It wasn't scheduled, but I hoped on the tour one last time! Come visit Sweeter Than Cupcakes for this Maya outfit perfect for back to school.

We also have a great post with a tutorial for a knit throw from Amy at Ameroonie Designs.

Be sure you have entered to win the free fabric and taken advantage of the pattern sale, because today is the final day!!! Head back to these stops on the tour if you missed any of the inspiration!!

Monday 7/11: Riley Blake & Modkid
Wednesday 7/13: Beri Bee Design & Falafel and the Bee
Friday 7/15: Coral & Co. & Pear Berry Lane
Monday 7/18: Sweet KM & 2 Little Hooligans
Thursday 7/21: Flamingo Toes & Quilting Gallery
Friday 7/22: Ameroonie Designs

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