Introducing Acorn Valley Applique Templates

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our Acorn Valley Appliqué Set is the perfect companion piece to Patty Young's fabric collection with Riley Blake, also called Acorn Valley. These adorable critters can be free-motion appliquéd onto a garment or traditionally stitched onto a pillow. But don't limit yourself... these would be perfect made out of wool-blend felt for a baby's mobile or stuffed with fiberfill to make adorable plush toys! They can also be cut out of paper or card stock for all your card-making and scrapbooking needs!

This pattern comes with detailed instructions, how-to diagrams, full-color photos and full-size templates for all 7 items pictured on the cover!

Includes: Mr. Fox (5.5" tall), Mushroom Trio (4.25" tall),
Squirrel (3.25" tall), Acorn (1.25" tall) and Birdie (2" tall)
(Feel free to enlarge the pages to make larger critters!)

Introducing Modkid Liesl

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Liesl is a beautiful European-inspired dress. The bodice features classic bubble sleeves, a sweetheart ruffled neckline and a contrast front panel with eyelets and corset-style ribbon lacing. The skirt is made up of 6 gores for maximum fullness and features large side pockets that every kid will love. There are no closures to install on this dress, but a long sash will cinch the bodice for a perfect fit every time.

Liesl is perfect as a sweet dress, and it makes a great backdrop for some of your favorite costume! 

Coupon code LIESL2016 gets 40% off your entire purchase on the Modkid Etsy store. This means that this, and every other full-price pattern, will cost only $5.99 for the next 24 hours

These testers have us inspired!!

Amy Settle

Jenny Fish

Dana Miller

Courtney Davis

Kristi Atkinson

Rebecca Barber

Wei Tai Jiang

Serena Garciadiaz

Sarah Ebbert

Tania Paredez

Diana Roberson

Aubrey Sew-Along // Results and Winner

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Congratulations to Stephanie Eckstein for winning the participation prize of 3 PDF patterns!!

I have collected all of the sew-along posts in our Aubrey Sew-Along Page, so you can access them at any time in the side bar of the blog. As always, our Modkid Fan Group loves to see what you make!

Introducing Modkid Elle

Monday, October 03, 2016

Patty first gave us a peek of this pattern yesterday as part of Sydney's Halloween costume this year. Not only does the Modkid Elle make a great costume, but it is also a very sweet vintage style dress!!

Elle features a ruched front bodice for added texture and flair, but it can be made with a plain bodice for a quicker sew. There is an invisible zipper in the back and elastic cuffs in the long sleeves. With a classic silhouette and a sweet Peter Pan collar, this pattern will be a favorite for Holiday sewing and beyond.

During the first 24 hours of the release, use coupon code ELLE2016 for 40% everything in the Etsy Shop!!

We will leave you with a little inspiration from our testers.

Astha Kalia

Astha Kalia

Becca Plymale

Carrie Collier 

Jamie Wertz

Jennifer Ray

Kristen Wilson

Lucy Lloyd

Rosa Zerkle

Stephanie Eckstein

Halloween 2016 - "Stranger Things" style

Sunday, October 02, 2016

My family and I started watching the extremely popular show, Stranger Things, one Friday night last month and by Saturday afternoon, we had completed the series. My youngest daughter, Sydney, and I proceeded to watch it again in its entirety a couple days later because we were so hooked and wanted to catch things we may have missed the first time around... yes, it's that addictive!

So, it's no surprise to me that for this year's Halloween, Sydney wanted to be Eleven. Not only is she her favorite character in the show, but she has a very distinctive look that I knew we could replicate with a little bit of effort from both of our parts. For those of you who are not familiar with our Halloween series, here was Sydney's costume from last year, and the one from the year before that. And even her big sister, Sophie, has gotten into the Halloween action. Yes, I guess you can say we take Halloween seriously in the Young household. And it also doesn't hurt that I am a sewing pattern designer and I LOVE a good challenge!

I set out to design and sew a dress that would be as close of a replica to the original Eleven wore as I could. Upon completion, Sydney and I hit the stores to try to find all the accessories:
  • White Converse high-tops: we got those at Von Maur
  • White crew socks with green-yellow-green stripes: We never found those, so we got plain white ones and some tempera paints at Walmart, and Sydney painted on the stripes.
  • Blonde wig: Party City
  • Fake Blood: Party City
  • Eggos: Walmart
Then the fun began...

In the above photo, believe it or not, we only had 1 box of Eggos to work with. So, since we wanted to replicate the scene in which Eleven is eating *all the Eggos* after she steals the boxes from the grocery store, I shot the first picture of Sydney with the box in her right arm, then she had to sit very still with her arms and legs in the same position, while I moved the box to different locations around her and ran back to my camera to reshoot the photo. Later on, I imported all the separate photos into Photoshop and merged them together. Yes, I know, in hindsight it would've been much easier to run back to the store and buy more Eggos, but, like I mentioned, I love a good challenge!

It took several shots to get her expression just right in the photo above. Either she was too angry-looking or half smiling in most of them. I told her she had to look like she was really concentrating on something. This was supposed to replicate the scene in which they are walking towards the "portal" and Eleven is messing with the compasses.

In the above photo, she is replicating the scene in which she breaks up a fight between Mike and Lucas by throwing Lucas across the junk yard with her mind powers. This was the look on Eleven's face after she realized what she did.

Just another Eggo photo because those were fun to shoot, and Sydney was really enjoying eating all the Eggos.

And lastly, we shot this one to replicate the scene in which Eleven wipes the blood off her nose after she makes Troy wet his pants with her awesome mind powers. Yes, I know, this would've been better shot at a school with bleachers behind us.

Hope you all enjoyed our newest Halloween creation. Want to steal this look? Get the PDF pattern here.

Aubrey Sew-Along // Day 5

Friday, September 30, 2016

Today we are wrapping up the Aubrey sew-along. You will need to refer to the pattern instructions for the short sleeve version. These instructions will cover the 3/4 and long sleeve. All seam allowances are 1/2" unless noted otherwise. 

Open up the dress and lay it right side up. Place the sleeve right sides together aligning the center notch with the shoulder seam. Pin the remaining raw edges together and stitch. Finish the seam and press the sleeve away from the dress and the seam allowance toward the dress. Repeat for the other sleeve.

Place the front and back of the dress right sides together. Align the underarm seams and curved seam and secure with a pin. Then pin in between. As you can see here, I have already applied fusible hem tape to aid in hemming.

Stitch from end of the sleeve up to the underarm and down to the bottom hem. Finish the seam. Repeat for the other side.

Turn the dress right side out. Fold the end of the sleeve to the wrong side 1/2" and hem using your preferred method. Refer to our tips and tricks for hemming knits here. Repeat for the other sleeve.

Fold the bottom of the dress to the wrong side 3/4" and again, hem using your preferred method. Your Aubrey is complete!!

Be sure to add photos of your completed Aubrey Dress to our Facebook Group before Monday, October 3rd to be entered to win a prize. You can share photos on Facebook and Instagram with hashtag #aubreysewalong. We will post the winner next week!

See the rest of the Aubrey Sew-Along here:

Aubrey Sew-Along // Day 4

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I hope you are enjoying watching your Aubrey dresses take shape! The end is in sight! As usual, unless noted otherwise all seam allowances are 1/2"

The last step for the pockets is to reinforce the ends of the opening. Add a short, narrow zigzag stitch at the top and bottom of each pocket opening.

Place the front of the dress right sides together with the back of the dress. Be sure to align the curved seams and stitch the shoulders. Finish the seams and press them toward the back.

There are two neck binding options provided in the pattern. For a traditional neckband, see the instructions on page 8. I will proceed with the neck binding option. Fold and press the neck binding piece wrong sides together along the long side to create a crease.

Open up the crease and stitch the short ends right sides together. Press the seam open.

Refold the neck binding along the crease and quarter mark the band at the center front, center back, and halfway between each side.

Fold the dress in half and mark the center front and center back. I made tiny notches to mark.

Turn the dress wrong side out. Pin the neck binding to the wrong side of the dress aligning raw edges and the quarter marks beginning with the seam at the center back. The other marks should be at the center front and each shoulder seam. Pin the binding in between stretching it slightly to fit the neckline.

Stitch the binding to the neckline with a 1/4" seam allowance and a stretch stitch.

Press the seam allowance and the binding up away from the neckline. Turn the dress right side out. Then, fold the binding over the edge of the seam allowance to the right side of the dress. The binding should slightly cover your previous stitches.

Topstitch the binding close to the folded edge with a twin needle or stretch stitch. Press well.

See the rest of the Aubrey Sew-Along here:

We’d love to see your progress!! Show us your photos in our Facebook group. You can also share photos on Facebook and Instagram tagged #aubreysewalong. 
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