Monday, April 14, 2014

Introducing... High Society

My newest fabric collection, as part of Jo-Ann Fabrics' Premium Quilting Cotton line, is called High Society. This line was inspired by a trip my family and I took to the Biltmore Estate last year. It's got a bit of a turn-of-the-century Victorian vibe with some color pop in true Patty Young fashion.

Here is the full color card (click on thumbnail to enlarge):

I had such a fun time designing this collection! While I was drawing the flowers and shapes, I was envisioning all the cute little projects I would soon be designing and sewing with it! Here are afew of those projects to whet your appetite:

 Our newest PDF sewing pattern is called the ZOEY SUMMER ENSEMBLE and it features two sets of tops and two sets of shorts. The cover photo shows Sydney wearing a top made with Wildflowers Navy and shorts made with Brocade Teal. Inset shot shows another set of shorts made with Rose Garden Navy.

Our ZOEY models in this next shot are wearing High Society prints as well...

Our PDF pattern, REESE, features an adorable dress made with Floret Pink:

Another one of our popular PDF patterns, the CECE Lap Neck Dress and Top, also features High Society in the cover shot. Our cover model is wearing a CECE dress made with Wildflowers Citron and Floret Pink.

You may also recognize Wildflowers Navy and Floret Navy in this adorable CECE dress...

And this top version of our CECE is made with Tea on the Terrace Citron and Brocade Fuscia:

If children's clothing is not your cup of tea, check out these projects I designed for JoAnns! Look for FREE patterns in upcoming mailers!

HIGH SOCIETY is now available at Jo-Ann Fabric stores nationwide and also online (along with some limited stock of my previous line, Rendezvous)! You can click on any of the fabric swatches and check availability at your local store by using the STORE LOCATOR widget at the bottom of the page.

Friday, April 11, 2014

MODKID SUMMER FUN, Virtual Book Tour... The End

Well, folks, as they say, all good things must come to an end. I hope you have been following along with the MODKID SUMMER FUN Virtual Book Tour, and entering to win a free book of your own at each stop. There were some amazing posts and super cute sewn items shared. I wish I could visit everyone personally and give them a big fat hug, but alas this virtual THANK YOU SQUEEZE will have to do! :)

Here is a quick recap of the virtual book tour (with some direct links to the posts):

Today I am ALSO giving away a FREE copy of my new book, MODKID Summer Fun. All you have to do is leave me a comment and let me know if you've been following along with the tour and if there was a particular post you truly enjoyed... maybe a project you want to tackle yourself, or a story you found particularly sweet or funny. I will leave this contest up until next Wednesday, April 16th and then I will draw a winner. U.S. Residents will receive a paper copy and non US Residents will receive a digital copy of the book.

Good luck everyone! (don't forget to leave a way for us to contact you if you are the lucky winner!)

Also, you can purchase a signed copy on our website!

I leave you with a few of the photos we took along the way as we were designing the projects for the book:

Monday, March 31, 2014

MODKID Summer Fun Blog Tour!

Oh, don't worry! I haven't forgotten about the Going Digital survey. There is still time to weigh in. I will share the results after the blog tour and we will begin digitizing the first 4 patterns immediately after!

But now, on to other exciting things!! We are having a blog tour for my newest book (pattern pack), MODKID Summer Fun. You may remember I shared some info about it back when it was first released. Well, a select group of bloggers have all received copies from my publisher and they are ready to tell you (and show you) what they thought. Follow along the tour and enter to win your own FREE copy at each stop!

4/1/2014  Jennifer Coe: 
4/2/2014  Carla Crim:  
4/3/2014  Sara Lawson:
4/4/2014  Generation Q:
4/5/2014  Suzanne Winter:
4/7/2014  Laura Kelly:  lauradesignsblog and 
4/8/2014  American Patchwork & Quilting: 
4/9/2014  Kristin Link: 
4/10/2014  Jenny Fish:  
4/11/2014  Patty Young/MODKID

As always, you can order a signed copy of the book here.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

MODKID's Going Digital!

Yes, I know what you're thinking...."but you guys already have PDF patterns... those are digital!" Well, for the past 18 months or so since we started offering PDF patterns, we have been asked the same question repeatedly... "Will you ever offer your existing paper patterns as PDF?" And sometimes the question is even more specific, "Will you offer Kyoko as a PDF?" Our answer has always been the same, "Sorry, but we are keeping our paper and PDF patterns separate." But, you know what they say... never say never. The demand for digital patterns is increasing dramatically. I guess times are changing and we gotta keep up with the times!

We currently have 60+ paper patterns and this will take an eternity to digitize (no joke!). It's not a matter of pushing the "make PDF" button. There are a lot of re-formatting issues that go along with this process. We have to update photos, diagrams, and text on certain (older) patterns. We have to take our large pattern sheets and slice them up so that they can be printed on your desktop printer. And, even though every pattern has been tested thoroughly, things can always go wrong when reformatting, so all patterns will have to be re-tested before releasing them to the public.

This is why we have to take things slowly. We will only release 4 patterns at a time, and here is where we need your help: using the form below, please vote for your four favorite MODKID patterns... the 4 that you absolutely MUST have in digital format. I promise, we will get to all of them eventually, but it might be several months (or maybe longer) until we get to the bottom of the list, so we want to make sure we do this... not in alphabetical order, nor in original release date order, but in popular demand order. :)

If you need to reference the patterns before you vote, check our website here.
If you are having trouble using this form here on the blog, you can go directly to Google Drive and update it here.

Also, if you have any specific requests, questions, comments or just want to say "YAY, finally!", please leave us a comment below. We would LOVE to hear from you!! I am leaving the country for a couple of weeks, but when I get back I will share the results of this survey.

Thank you all for your help! I cannot wait to see what you all choose. :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Essential Sewing Reference Tool
Book Review (and giveaway) by Patty Young and Emalee Grambo

***UPDATE: this contest is now CLOSED. The winner was.... Susan Bates! Congrats!***

If sewing is your "thing", then I'm sure you've heard of Carla Crim, a.k.a. The Scientific Seamstress. The girl is a friggin' genius... as in, she has a Ph.D in Molecular Biology! She is also one of the most clever and funny people I have ever met and vertically challenged, just like me, so when we run into each other at sewing events, we usually stick together!

Well, I was thrilled when Carla asked me to review her latest book, Essential Sewing Reference Tool, because I knew it would blow me away, like everything she does. A small part of me was even giddy that I got to receive an advance copy because I knew this was the sort of book I would come back to reference over and over again. And boy, was I right! Pssst... you can also enter to win a free copy by leaving a comment below this review!

But let's get right to it. My assistant, Emalee, and I are co-reviewing this book for you today. We decided to do this in tandem because I thought you guys would enjoy getting some different perspectives coming from two totally different points of view.

I will go first. The book starts out with what I like to call the hardware... everything you ever needed to know about sewing machines, cutting tools, notions of every imaginable kind, pins, needles and threads, oh my!  Then it goes into techniques. What would you like to learn about? Machine stitches, hand stitches, seams, hems, maybe even some stuff you've never heard of (hello there, Hong Kong Finish!)? Well, it's all here, and then some! Wanna know how to make your own bias tape or piping, install zippers, make buttonholes? Well, this is the book for you!

But, perhaps, the section I was most excited to delve into was the garment-making and pattern sections. Well, after having been designing sewing patterns for over 7 years, I have amassed a huge quantity of reference materials, from sizing charts to measurement conversions... some of them are bookmarked on my browser, others are printed out and filed away. But, whenever I need to look something up, I invariably always forget where I've saved it. Well, who needs Google, when you've got the Essential Sewing Reference Tool at your fingertips? If you are a beginner pattern-maker, this will be an invaluable tool to have... oh how I wish I had this book way back when I was just starting out!

Now, on to Emalee's review. Hers is less conversational, and more to the point (bullet-pointed and all!):

  • Visually appealing
  • Covers every area of sewing industry: Bed sizing, pillow sizing, curtains, bed skirts, table cloths, placemats, belts, bags, garment construction…
  • Pg. 46: Her way of cutting bias tape is a helpful reference.
  • Pg. 47 and 48: Awesome new way to do continuous bias tape!
  • Zipper instructions are always helpful to beginners.
  • Pg 70: Her instruction to place a toothpick under a button when sewing is great! Never heard of that! 
  • Pg. 89: Hemming a Tablecloth! Never knew that either and that is awesome!
  • The sizing charts and number conversions are super helpful to have.
  • This book has every reference you could ever need all under one cover!
Well, there ya have it, folks! I hope this review was helpful to you. And many kudos to my friend, Carla Crim, for a most excellent reference tool that we will surely use for years to come!  

GIVEAWAY!!! If you would like to enter the giveaway and receive your very own copy of the Essential Sewing Reference Tool, please leave me a comment below. We would love to know: Are you new to sewing, or pattern-making, and are looking for a book to help you kick start your business? Or are you an old pro just looking to have all those helpful reference materials in one spot? Make sure you leave us a way to contact you if you win (email, clickable link, etc.). We will draw a winner on Wednesday, March 19th.

***UPDATE: this contest is now CLOSED. The winner was.... Susan Bates! Congrats!***

Monday, March 03, 2014


Do you like PDF sewing patterns? If you answered yes, then this is the contest for you!! And if you've never tried a PDF pattern, well, this is your chance to win a bunch for FREE! Not just from MODKID but from dozens of other leading sewing pattern designers in the industry.

Welcome to the RED CARPET AWARDS! MODKID is thrilled to have been nominated for not one but TWO AWARDS in this contest! Our Melanie pattern was nominated for Documentary of a Shortie (Playwear for Kids) and our Keagan pattern was nominated for Leading Mini Man (Tops for Boys).

Please vote for MODKID below and show your support! There will be 3 winners for each rafflecopter - so a total of NINE winners, each winner will receive an assortment of over $100 worth of PDF patterns!

And if you haven't had a chance to check out these patterns, here is your chance to get them at 20% off! From now until the end of this contest (3/8 at midnight) take 20% off your entire purchase on our Etsy store when you use coupon code REDCARPET2014.

Some mote information about this contest...

The academy has been hard at work behind the scenes rounding up some of the awesome designs that were released by Dec 2013.  They have come up with a long list of nominations in 13 fun categories.  And now they want to know what you think - you get to share your opinion by Voting.


  • You must be 18 to enter
  • You must fill out the voting ballot to enter (link below)
  • You can gain extra entries by entering the prompts in the rafflecopter bellow
  • Giveaway ends 3/8 at midnight EST
  • Because of the number of Sponsors who wanted to say THANK YOU to all of their fans and members who make up this group, we have split the sweepstakes into 3 entry forms.  This way we stay compliant with rules of online giveaways.  By filling out the Voting Ballot, you can enter all three rafflecopter forms.  You can gain additional entries for each by following the prompts.  There will be 3 winners for each rafflecopter - so a total of NINE winners.

So jump in - vote for your favorites, like some new Designers on FaceBook, and Enter to win some fabulous prizes! Below is the link again... in case you missed it before!

Then, enter this Rafflecopter to be entered to win:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information on this contest please go to:

GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE! And thank you so much for your support!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New PDF pattern: the REESE PARTY DRESS

This is the time of the year when all mommies who sew are frantically trying to figure out what dress their girls will wear for Easter, the Daddy-Daughter Dance, the Spring Recital, or all these fun activities coming up. Well, I was right there with you! My girl, Sydney, attended her Daddy Daughter Dance last weekend and she was the Belle of the Ball in her new Reese Party Dress (there she is holding her daddy's hand).

Reese is an adorable, twirly dress, perfect for portraits, Easter lunch, Daddy-Daughter dances, weddings or any occassion where your girl wants to feel feminine and sweet. It features a unique cross-over back bodice design and front tabs that help give the dress a fitted look. A large bow in the back adds an extra touch of whimsy. Reese can be made with or without the front collar.

Our Reese PDF pattern can be found here:

NOTE: This is a downloadable PDF pattern, NOT A PAPER PATTERN. After the instant download, your pattern can be opened with Adobe Reader and will print on standard letter-size paper (8.5" x 11"). There are 24 pages total in this document, including full-size, computer-drafted pattern pieces.

How about some amazing tester pics, eh?

Hope you love it as much as we do! I have a feeling we'll be making many more for all of Sydney's upcoming Spring activities. :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Seams Unlikely Book Review

I am so honored to have been asked to participate in Nancy Zieman's Blog Tour for her new autobiographical book, Seams Unlikely. I had the pleasure of finally meeting Nancy last Fall when I went up to Wisconsin to tape a couple of episodes of her popular TV show, Sewing With Nancy, and I found her to be one of the most genuine people I have ever met... she was warm, welcoming and humble, which is something you don't usually get from high-profile people.

So, of course, I was curious to learn more about Nancy's life. Like most autobiographical books, this one begins at early age. I was fascinated to learn about farm life because it was so different from the way I grew up. Nancy really makes you feel like you were there... milking the cows, feeding the chickens and tending to the vegetable gardens. A far cry from my urban upbringing. From the very first few chapters of the book, you already start to get a sense of what shaped Nancy's personality... from the family values instilled by her parents to the health problems that plagued her since infancy. My heart broke when I read about the onset of Bell's Palsy and the myriad of knee surgeries that left her not only physically but also emotionally scarred. Nancy's writing style is so conversational, so frank, that you feel like you are sitting across the table hearing her tell you these stories over a cup of coffee.

When I was up in Beaver Dam last Fall, Nancy and I had an hour to kill during the drive down to Madison to film the TV show. At the beginning of our drive, I asked Nancy to tell me how she got started in the business. She explained how she used to travel with some of her favorite notions and people would often ask her where she got them, and how this evolved into her company, Nancy's Notions. Then she went on to tell me about how hesitant she was about appearing on TV because of her facial paralysis. Well, in the next part of her book, she goes into every detail you would ever want to know about how she started her business and grew it to what it is today.

Now, this is where I began to feel a bit more connected to her story. It was exciting to read about her husband, Rich, leaving his work to join her new endeavor (just like Jon did when he joined MODKID back in 2010). Then reading about how they moved the business from their cramped basement quarters into their first facility (just like we did a couple of years ago!). And hiring their first employees (just like we did!). And attending trade shows (helloooo?). Need I say more? I felt like this book was written just for me because I could identify with so much, but yet with every new chapter I was learning something new...something that hopefully I could apply to my own business. Nancy doesn't just tell you the good... she tells you the bad and the ugly too! The trials and tribulations of running a successful business while juggling a personal life are all spelled out right there in the pages of Seams Unlikely.

Of course, MODKID is still at its infancy stage, so I can only hope that one day I can achieve the level of success that Nancy has accomplished with both Nancy's Notions and Sewing With Nancy. More than 30 years later, they are still going strong and have a fan base as loyal as can be! Here's a funny anecdote: when we were wrapping up the taping of my second episode for Sewing With Nancy, the floor manager, Greg, said that I was a natural and totally belong on TV. Nancy looked at me and jokingly said "Oh-uh, should I be worried?". I responded, "Hmmm... 'Sewing With Patty' does have a nice ring, doesn't it?" We all had a good chuckle!

I jest, but honestly, I can only dream of building something like what Nancy has built here. She has surrounded herself with wonderful and supportive people who believe in her because she treats everyone with utmost respect. This and so much more can be found in Nancy's book, Seams Unlikely. I urge you to run out and get your copy today... you won't be disappointed!


Nancy is giving away twenty copies of Seams Unlikely. Please leave a comment on Nancy's blog HERE to qualify for book giveaways. Twenty random winners will be announced February 18, 2014.

If you'd like to read what the other reviewers had to say, check out the full blog tour here:

February 4 Nancy Zieman
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February 7 Amy Barickman
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February 8 Shari Butler
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February 9 Carolina Moore
February 9 Kate Mclvor
February 10 Amy Ellis
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February 11 Ilene Miller
February 12 Liz Hicks
February 11 Julie Herman
February 12 Bill Gardner
February 12 Elizabeth Evans
February 13 Amy Webb
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February 14 Gertie Hirsch
February 14 Veronica Philips
February 15 Jenny Gabriel
February 15 Laura Wasilowski
February 16 Frieda Anderson
February 16 Rita Farro
February 17 Cindy Cloward
February 17 Joan Hawley
February 17 Patty Young
February 18 Nancy Zieman

Monday, February 10, 2014

New book reveal and our BIGGEST SALE ever!

I've hinted of a new book in the works on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, but at last I am thrilled to show you the fruits of our labor! Emalee and I collaborated on this new pattern pack published by STASH Books. It is called MODKID Summer Fun, and as the title teases, it is packed full of fun things to make for your 18" dolls!

Order your autographed copy HERE today!

I am so excited about this new project! And so are Sophie and Sydney, as they ended up with tons of new clothes and accessories for their American Girl Dolls, while we made and perfected prototypes. :)

Here are some more pictures to whet your appetite:

Aren't they adorable?! Get your signed copy today HERE!

*** PATTERN SALE!!! ***

While you're visiting our website don't forget to browse our newest sale! As the title of my post hinted, it's the BIGGEST SALE we've ever had! Select patterns have been placed at 30% and 50% off!!

Click HERE to browse our pattern sale.

This SALE expires on February 17th, 2014, so hurry up and stock up before they are all gone!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

New PDF pattern: CECE

We are delighted to announce our newest PDF sewing pattern, the CECE Lap Neck Dress and Top. We are madly in love with this design and so are all of our testers. Just take a look at what our tester, Jenny Fish (Sew Pretty Dresses), had to say about it. :)

Our Cece sewing pattern features a bias-bound lapped neckline, gathered stripwork skirt and an oversized bow belt for that extra WOW factor! It can be made as a dress or a top with three different sleeve lengths and styles. The detachable bow belt cinches the empire waist and adds a touch of whimsy. Includes instructions for making it with a stripwork or solid skirt. BONUS: Bias Tape making instructions included!!

You can find CECE here:

Check out some of our Tester photos:

Cece comes with soooo many views! Check out all the ways you can make it!

And if you make them with a solid instead of a stripwork skirt, you can get 6 more versions out of this pattern! Jenny Fish sewed up View E with a solid skirt and check out how adorable it turned out!

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